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How to Live Green at ICO Vista Station Apartments in Draper, Utah

Person Filling Up Water Bottle

Each day, an average American household of four people uses up to 260 gallons of water. Not only water but electricity, paper, and plastic are constantly being wasted all over the country. Unfortunately, these trends are detrimental to our environment.

At ICO Vista Station Apartments in Draper, Utah, we are committed to promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle and doing our part to protect the planet. Here are a few suggestions of what you can do to live green at our apartments in Draper. 

Save on Water

Did you know 3.6 billion people live in areas where water is scarce? Utah is one of the many places that often experience dry summers, so it is important for residents at our apartments in Draper to be conscientious of water use. These are a few ways you can save water:

  • Look out for leaks. A faucet that leaks just one drop of water per second adds up to 165 gallons per month! Be aware of leaks and report them to maintenance so we can fix them as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t dilly-dally in the shower. People use an average of 37 gallons of water every time they shower. Do your best to shower quickly so you can avoid using more water than necessary.
  • Don’t use the toilet as a trashcan. Every time you flush a toilet, it uses about 3.5 gallons of water, so don’t flush your tissue when you blow your nose; be conservative with your flushes.
  • Don’t leave the water running. Whether you are brushing your teeth or washing dishes, don’t leave the faucet on while you are not using it. Take a few extra seconds to turn it off and then back on when you need it.
  • Wash with full loads. When you do laundry or use the dishwasher, make sure you do so only with full loads. This will reduce the number of times you have to run the machines.

By making these small changes, you can make a huge difference in the amount of water you use each day.

Cut Down Energy Use

With a few additional habits, you can save not only on water but also on energy usage. Here are some good practices to cut down on energy use at our apartments in Draper:

  • Turn off the lights. This one is easy. When you leave a room, make a habit of flipping the light switch down on your way out. In addition, if there is light outside, use the natural light from the windows instead of turning on the lights in the first place.
  • Unplug what you can. If you have any electronics, lamps, chargers, or appliances that aren’t being used, unplug them! This will significantly reduce the amount of electricity used in your apartment.
  • Wash laundry in cold water. If you can, wash your clothes in cold water. This will reduce the energy used to heat the water. Plus, it will keep some of your clothes from shrinking!

Cutting back the energy use in your apartment will not only save money on the utility bills but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.


Of course, a great way to live green is to recycle, and we encourage all residents to do so. Items you can recycle include plastic bottles and containers, empty cans, paper, and flattened cardboard. However, you cannot recycle food, liquid, plastic bags, plastic wrap, or cups with wax or plastic coating. In Draper, Utah, you can take your recycling to Recycle Works LLC.

We encourage all at ICO Vista Station Apartments in Draper, Utah, to implement these suggestions. By changing your daily habits to live green, you can do your part to protect the environment and improve our planet.